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January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day!


Have you heard?

January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day!

peek a boo squirrel

In our line of work we see little love for the poor rodents we call squirrels. Yet, consider the plight of the little critters-- they are an unending source of entertainment and in return we shut them down every chance we get.

Sad Squirrel

This poor little guy just isn't feeling the love.

However, today is the day we show our furry little friends the appreciation they are denied the other 364 days a year!Happy Squirrels

Birds and squirrels alike will delight in our selection of
squirrel-friendly food and feeders!

Experienced birders have found that offering squirrels their own food keeps them from constantly emptying birdfeeders.

Believe it or not, squirrels are actually beneficial to our planet. Do you enjoy seeing trees when you stroll through your local park? Chances are several of them were established by a forgotten squirrel cache. They also help spread spores which encourages the dispersal and growth of certain small plants and fungi. And since they are somewhat low on the food chain (sorry, little guys!), they help support a diverse wildlife population.   

According to the Mother Nature Network, Squirrel Appreciation Day was founded in 2001. It is held in midwinter when food is scarce. While there are very few organized activities celebrating the squirrel, you can show your appreciation by brushing up on squirrel trivia and leaving some extra food out for them.

Squirrel Trivia:

  • According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology red squirrels seem to anticipate mast years (years when the seeds trees bare will be in abundance) and will produce a second litter in advance.
  • Squirrels have been found on every continent except Antarctica.
  • According to Live Science, the largest squirrel species is the Indian giant squirrel, which can grow as long as 3 feet and weigh up to 4 pounds (a pretty big contrast to the African pygmy squirrel, which is 3-4 inches long and .35 ounces).
  • Squirrels can jump as far as 20 feet and run as fast as 20 mph.
  • The four front teeth on the squirrel never stop growing, so they won't wear down with constant gnawing.
  • Flying squirrels don't really fly, they glide, often exceeding 150 feet in one leap.

Mealtime Fun with Squirrels

Mealtime is fun time with our selection of squirrel feeders!

What better way to show your squirrel appreciation than by offering up treats on one of these feeders?

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!


Funny Squirrel on a Branch


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