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Are you looking for a nice, cozy place where your squirrel friends can retreat to after a long day of trying to steal food from the bird feeders? JCs Wildlife has just the ticket! Our Squirrel Houses are a great way to deter squirrels from raiding your bird feeders... and they provide hours of entertainment for the home spectator! These houses provide a warm place that your squirrels can call home after a long day without fear of predators trying to break in! 

Many wildlife rehabilitators have used our recycled poly lumber house as a way to reintroduce squirrels to their natural habitat. Squirrel enthusiasts agree that our squirrel nesting box provides a entertaining and secure nesting location from natural predators. Installation is easy and the house is extremely easy to clean because of the poly lumber construction. 

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    JCs Wildlife

    JCs Wildlife Ultimate Squirrel House Nesting Box

    Price: $155.50

    Welcome to the Nut House! Invite your backyard's nuttiest creatures to move into their very own squirrel condo. The wording on the front says it all, it's the Nut House. This handmade squirrel house will keep the furry inhabitants entertained and safe...