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Cedar Wood Duck House Now in Blue!

Labor Day 2022 | Monday, September 5, 2022 | JCs Wildlife

When is Labor Day 2022?

Labor Day 2022 is Monday, September 5th. It is a day dedicated to American workers, and JCS Wildlife’s team will celebrate by taking the day off and enjoying their time away from work.

Americans will celebrate the day with backyard barbecues, parades, family picnics, and maybe even fireworks. For many, this holiday signals the end of summer and the return to school.

For myself, I’m using the long weekend to clean up the yard, move some plants, spread some new mulch, and wash the summer dust off the house and porches. I’ll also clean all of my birdfeeders and get rid of any seed waste left under them. I see it as the start to getting ready for winter - even though it’s going to be 90 degrees here in Southern Indiana and I’ll most likely need some frequent breaks in the pool.

Our Team's Favorite JCS Wildlife Items

As you prepare to celebrate Labor Day, we celebrate our hardworking team and their favorite JCS Wildlife items:

Roy works in our shop and builds many of our JCS Wildlife items. It’s only fitting that his favorite product is our Fly Thru, because he makes the majority of them. They come in different sizes and different colors, which means there should definitely be one that will work for you.

Amanda is our web site manager and her favorite product is our Barred Owl Box. Amanda worked on our designers for years to develop one of these and she takes great pride in seeing it listed as one of our top sellers (I’d like to say she doesn’t hold it over their head and constantly remind them of this, but my mama taught me to always tell the truth).

Bri is our inventory supervisor and her favorite product is our Awesome Possum House. We first produced this item because of a request from a customer. While we knew how wonderful possums were at eating insects and bird seed waste, we never realized people had such a love for the possum. There are many people who either have pet possums or want to provide a nice home for their backyard possums. Either way, the Awesome Possum House is a great seller and if you want to know why, just Google pictures of the adorable baby possums.

Sam is one of our great customer service representatives. Her favorite product is our Squirrel House because she loves the pictures our customers submit with their friendly little squirrel occupants. I must admit, these squirrels are dang cute! Is it ironic that we make both Squirrel Stopper products and Squirrel Houses? We love squirrels, we just need them to stay out of our bird seed.

Katrina works in our shipping department and she loves our Candy Corn Squirrel Feeder because it is just dang cute. I have to agree, one of our shop builders came up with this idea last fall and it is simply too cute. I am probably one of the few people that loves candy corn (especially when mixed with salted peanuts, yummmmm) and I love the fall season, so the Candy Corn Feeder is a great way to celebrate the season. That reminds me, I need to hang one of these up this weekend as I switch my porch decor over to fall colors.

Happy Labor Day

We hope whatever you are doing on Labor Day weekend this year, you are enjoying it. We work hard all year and this is definitely the weekend to celebrate all that we have done and accomplished. Have a backyard burger and some homemade potato salad or just have a big bowl of homemade ice cream. 

Whatever you do, JCS Wildlife wishes you a happy Labor Day.