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JCs Wildlife Ultimate Squirrel House Nesting Box

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Welcome to the Nut House!

Invite your backyard's nuttiest creatures to move into their very own squirrel condo. The wording on the front says it all, it's the Nut House. This handmade squirrel house will keep the furry inhabitants entertained and safe at the same time. The resilient construction and innovative design is like no other home. This house is made specifically for squirrels. The predator guard and multi-tier platforms prevent predators like raccoons and opossums from having access to the inside. The front is able to be opened, providing easy access to clean the inside when it is empty. Our box gets rave reviews from squirrel enthusiasts and rehabilitators. Made in the USA! 

  • Made entirely of recycled poly lumber
  • Built in predator guard
  • Multi-tiered interior provides next-level safety 
  • Squirrel rehabilitators love it!

Recycled Poly Lumber Construction

This house is made by JCs Wildlife with recycled poly lumber. The durability of the weather-resistant poly lumber makes our box tough to withstand weather conditions. 

Where Should I Mount My House?

The best place to mount your Ultimate Squirrel Nesting Box is 12-30 feet in a tree that is at least 10 inches in diameter, and adjacent to hardwood or nut-producing trees. 

We have had many customers who found success mounting their house anywhere from 4 feet - 10 feet as well.

The most important thing to remember when installing is to mount the house in a safe location off of the road where there is not much foot traffic. Placing peanuts in the house can even help attract squirrels faster.



Outside Dimensions: 14.25" W X 18.75" H X 12.75" D

Entrance Hole Diameter: 3"

Entrance Hole Height: .5" from top platform, 11.5" from floor

Construction: Recycled Poly Lumber

Origin Country: USA

All JCs Wildlife Exclusive products are protected by a limited warranty. Products constructed with poly lumber elements are protected by a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. This warranty becomes active on the date of purchase. This warranty will protect products in instances where the poly lumber material splits, fades or cracks due to manufacturing defects. Damage caused by animals, inclement weather damage and damage from modifications will not be covered under warranty.

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