Birdwatching is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. Having a full and popular bird feeder out in your yard can provide hours of entertainment naturally. Watching backyard birds soaring through the air, landing on a feeder and eating can be mesmerizing. 

Many birdwatchers have a favorite feeder. Our favorite feeder is a feeder that is sturdy to withstand the elements, simple to assemble, easy to fill and most importantly, very easy to keep clean. 

Some feeders are better at attracting some species than others. To attract the widest variety of backyard bird species to your yard, offer several different types of bird feeders and food choices. 

JCs Wildlife offers a wide variety of durable and desirable wild bird feeders at highly competitive prices.

Our favorites include glass hummingbird feeders, window feeders, squirrel proof feeders, nyjer feeders, suet feeders, platform feeders and hopper feeders and more.  We also have Brome Squirrel Buster Feeders, including the Brome Squirrel Buster Plus and the rest of the Squirrel Buster line of products. Other brands include Perky Pet, Bird's Choice, Droll Yankees, First Nature, Squirrel Be Gone, Woodlink and of course, JCs Wildlife.  Choose from our huge selection for a feeder that fits the needs of your backyard birds.

Read our blog for some insight on which feeder might work best for you and your birds! 

JCs Wildlife

JCs Wildlife Large Ground Fly Thru Bird Feeder

As low as $80.99

The JCs Wildlife Large Ground Fly Thru Bird Feeder will attract a wide variety of birds to your yard or garden. The removable tray makes cleaning this ground bird feeder even easier! The fly thru ground feeder will add a pop of color to your...

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JCs Wildlife

JCs Wildlife Recycled Suet Feeder w/ Tail Prop

As low as $26.99

NATURAL DESIGN: Natural colors attract a variety of birds HELPS BIRDS BALANCE: Tail prop helps larger suet feeding birds like woodpeckers balance as they feed ATTRACTS A VARIETY OF BIRDS: Can be used by a variety of bird species HAND-MADE AND...

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