Squirrel Baffles & Guards

Keep squirrels and raccoons away from feeders and keep the birds coming back with our selection of critter-resistant baffles. The popular Squirrel Stopper squirrel proof pole can be found within this selection of products. 

Heritage Farms (Kay Home Products)

Audubon/Woodlink Torpedo Squirrel Baffle NATORPEDO


This squirrel baffle is made of powder-coated steel. Includes coupler for mounting to any pole 1/2" to 3/8" in diameter. Torpedo baffle is 6-inch in diameter. Pole mount squirrel baffle below feeder about 4 to 5 ft above the ground with included coupler...

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Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird Metal Squirrel Guard 21"


Protect bird feeders from the acrobatic arboreal members of the Sciuridae Family (squirrels), as well as from rain, snow, hail, and all but the largest meteors with the Mr. Bird Squirrel Guard. With a 21" diameter and a powder coated steel finish, this...

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