Hopper Bird Feeders

One of the most popular styles of bird feeders is the Hopper Bird Feeder. These are used by the largest variety of backyard birds and JCs Wildlife offers a huge selection! A lot of feeders qualify as a hopper, and we carry some of the best. Usually, these feeders will be able to hold several pounds of seed, making some of these feeders pretty heavy! These feeders typically require less refill trips as they hold so much at once. Our favorite (and our largest bird feeder to date) is the JCs Wildlife Hopper Feeder that can hold over 10 lbs of your favorite bird seed! 


Woodlink Seeds N' More Metal Feeder 7452R


The Seeds N More double-sided hopper feeder with suet holders is sure to feed all the birds in your yard. The feeder holds mixed seed plus two suet cakes which will help attract both songbirds and clinging birds. Holds up to 15 lbs of mixed seed plus 2...

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Droll Yankees

Droll Yankees The Cutest Chickadee Feeder - 1 cup


Droll Yankees The Cutest Chickadee Feeder is for any type of food! You can even adjust the height of the dome so you can regulate the size of birds you want eating from your feeder! Also slide the included O-ring flush against the dome to keep rain from...

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