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Can Your Garden Attract the Birds You Love? | JCs Wildlife

The countdown for spring has begun (for me, it started the first time the thermometer plunged below freezing)! It isn’t too early to start planning for your garden. Put your yard to work this year by growing the plants that attract your favorite birds. Read on for a list of popular backyard birds and the plants they love.

Hummingbirds: According to Bird Watcher’s Digest, gardening for Hummingbirds is among the easiest of all bird species. The list is long and includes plants and flowers that beginning gardeners (or those of us whose green thumb leaves something to be desired) can grow with little effort. Southern states and the Pacific coast can expect to offer plants year-round, while colder climates should plan for a summer garden when hummers are most prevalent.

Look for plants with red or pink cone-shaped blossoms, and check seed packets or nurseries to determine how well the plant will grow in your region.

Flowers Trees Shrubs Vines
Bergamot Buckeye Azalea Trumpet Honeysuckle
Bleeding heart Citrus Flowering Quince Red Morning Glory
Canna Lily Flowering Crabapple Hibiscus Trumpet Creeper
Columbine Tulip Poplar

Adding attractive hummingbird feeders amongst these plants will help you get the most out of your feeder and the effort you put into planting. However, please be aware that Hummingbirds and bees are attracted to similar plants.

Bluebirds: Bluebirds are attracted to various trees and shrubs both for the food that they provide and shelter. When selecting your plants, keep in mind that some varieties require both the male and female plant to produce the fruit that attracts the Bluebirds.

Male/Female Plant Required Trees Shrubs Vines
American Holly Eastern Red, Rocky Mt Cedar American Blackberry American Bittersweet
Black Tupelo Black, Pin Cherry Gray, Red-osier, Silky Dogwood Wild Grape
Deciduous Holly Flowering, Alternate-leaf Dogwood Pasture Rose Mistletoe
Common Winterberry Red Mulberry Smooth, Staghorn Sumac Virginia Creeper

Growing a combination of trees, shrubs, and vines, along with offering specific bluebird feeders and houses, and a water source will help attract these beautiful songbirds to your yard.

Be sure to leave some room in your garden or landscape design for feeders, shelter, and a water source for any bird you hope to attract!  Now, go get dirty!!