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A Study In Bird Feeder Capacity by JCs Wildlife

Of all the questions I get asked, feeder capacity has to be the number one subject. So popular is this topic that I have dedicated an entire blog entry to comparing feeders and what capacity means about a feeder’s functionality. Read on for a glorious display of charts, tables, and graphics that will lay it all out.

First, a lesson in volume and weight: Many of our feeders’ capacities are listed as either gallons and quarts or ounces and pounds. When measuring dry seed, the numbers do not automatically translate from one unit of measurement to the other. Seed size and weight differs by type and brand. To offset that I used a good, general seed blend in all of my weights and measurements for consistency.

Second, you’ll notice that the featured feeders are of the squirrel-proof variety. Squirrel-proof feeders are among the most popular of feeder styles. These are also the largest of the seed feeders. The information found here can be modified to compare other seed feeders.

Some notes about creating this infographic:

  • It was a lot of fun!
  • Testing birdfeeders is a messy job (like, really, very messy)!
  • There is a lot more information out there, just waiting to be collected and put into a smart, visually aesthetic diagram!

Written out in paragraph form, this information would have been so mind-numbingly boring that you would likely not be reading this witty list now!  Finally, please keep a lookout for more posts like this one. 

As always,

Happy Feeding!