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Bird Facts You Never Knew You Wanted to Know! |JCs Wildlife

Did you know…

Birds do not have the same reaction to capcasin (hot pepper) as mammals?  So while you are sweating over your pico de gallo (which, coincidentally, translates to “beak of the rooster”), Tweety can eat that  hot pepper suet that squirrels won’t. 

A group of goldfinches is called a charm?  These bright yellow (and sometimes light green) birds usually travel and eat in flocks and are beautiful to behold.  How charming!


Owls can turn their heads a maximum of 270 degrees?  So, it may not be as astonishing as 360 degrees that many owl lovers used to think, but still pretty impressive.  According to National Geographic, this is an evolutionary trait that both owls and hawks have acquired over the millennia due to the fact that their eyes are stationary.

Hummingbirds can consume 100% of their body weight in nectar every day?  This is in addition to up to 2,000 small insects, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  So why don’t we see a bunch of corpulent hummers flitting around?  It could be because they beat their wings 53 times a second, or because they are constantly moving, but whatever the reason, these little jewels never cease to amaze. 

Bluebirds can be trained?  Apparently, bluebirds like to stick to a schedule when feeding.  Placing food out for them at the same time each day will encourage them to come at that specific time.  They can even be taught to associate certain “calls” with mealtime.  Try whistling or ringing a bell each time you fill your feeder, and they will eventually respond to that sound.  Eat your hearts out Pavlov’s dogs!!

Maryland’s state bird is the Baltimore  OrioleOkay, okay, so that isn’t exactly a deep-gasp, jaw-dropping fact for most Americans.  Anyway, the bird was named after Lord Baltimore, the state’s founder, who’s coat of arms was, you guessed it, orange and black.