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Cedar Wood Duck House Now in Blue!

New Handmade In The USA Products! | JCs Wildlife


JCs Wildlife Feeders and Birdhouses

New Products

Two of our new suet feeders and our Recycled Ultimate Bluebird House

We have been busy lately developing a whole new line of bird feeders and bird houses, and more new items are being added all the time!

The new features on these  products came directly from research and customer suggestions.  And that is what sets these products apart from what you find anywhere else.  There are small details that add to the sleekness or efficiency of each item.

Recycled Window Feeders:

These are a perfect example of taking a good idea and making it better.  The poly lumber made from recycled plastic adds sturdiness to the entire structure while adding just the right amount of color (we’ve already put one up in each color and have had quite a number of visitors!).  But I think my favorite feature is how the seed is protected from the elements on every side, which was lacking in many of the other feeders we researched.

The oriole and bluebird feeders are exceptionally unique.  And the plastic surfaces are easier to clean than wooden varieties.

New Product types

We’ve also added other window feeders, suet feeders, and bird houses, and we'll have more coming soon.  Check them out!