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Bird Bath Accessories

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Offering a water source is one sure way to attract birds to your yard. But how do you keep the water free from ice in the winter and mosquitoes and algae in the summer? You'll find the answer to that question and many others thanks to some of our great bird bath accessories! Find bird bath de-icers, water wigglers and cleaning supplies that can make your bird bath stand out above the rest.

If you have a bird bath in your yard, it’s important that you have the right bird bath accessories to keep the bath safe and attractive to your local birds.

Bird Bath De-Icers

While many birds may fly to warmer climates for winter, it’s worth noting that others do not. That means having a de-icer in your bird bath is a must if you live in an area with a cold climate. These ensure that the birds don’t ever land in a frozen bird bath.

Water Wigglers

You can also add a water wiggler which serves multiple purposes. Water wigglers agitate the water, which attracts more birds, while also preventing mosquitoes and other pests that thrive in stagnant water.

Cleaning Accessories

Finally, it’s important that you have cleaning accessories for your bird bath on hand, to ensure that the water and the structure are clean. This not only keeps the water safe, but protects the look of your bird bath.

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