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Which Wild Bird Food Is Best for Your Backyard Friends?

Feeding your local wild birds is great entertainment for the whole family, and it can be beneficial for your bird friends. You'll want to make sure you are choosing a bird food that's healthy for your bird friends to make sure you aren't causing any harm to local wildlife. Here are some tips for picking the right wild bird food for your backyard feeders: 

  • If you want a lot of birds to visit, offer black oil sunflower seed. These seeds are easy for all sorts of birds to crack open, and they provide lots of fat for energy. If you find you are getting too many visitors to your backyard, though, you may want to switch to a different type of food to attract different visitors.
  • Want to avoid the mess that shells leave behind? Try hulled sunflowers. The entire seed will get eaten, so you won't have to pick up the shells left behind. Unfortunately, exposed seeds can start to rot after a few days and grow bacteria, so you don't want to leave too much out or your might make birds sick.
  • Feeding birds can get expensive if you start to attract a crowd. If you need to save some money, switch to striped sunflower seeds. While birds prefer the more expensive black oil sunflower seeds, they'll still visit for some of these tasty treats. 

There are also wild bird food types that appeal to particular kinds of birds, so don't be scared to switch it up once in a while! You may find that you attract birds to your feeders you never even knew lived in your backyard. You can order your wild bird food through our website!