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Choose a Red Hummingbird Feeder | JCs Wildlife

Get a piece of wildlife in your own back yard! At JC’s Wildlife, we have many different bird feeders available to choose from! A very cool bird to see hovering around your home is the Hummingbird.  If you want Hummingbirds all around your home, invest in our First Nature 16oz Hummingbird Feeder. This feeder is easy to use and easy to clean.  More than one HummingBird can eat nectar concentrate from this feeder at a time.  You can hang this feeder practically anywhere by using the S hook that is included. If you decide to go with a Hummingbird Feeder, you’ll need to get some nectar to feed those hungry birds. A great food you can get is the First Nature 3050 Red HummingBird Nectar, 16 oz Concentrate.  Because this nectar is concentrated, you can mix it with a half gallon of feed and it will fill up your feeder! This concentrated formula is a premium mix of sucrose. There is no messy or sticky sugars or cleanup to worry about! If you would like to get started on your purchase on a HummingBird feeder, visit our website today!