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Bird Feeding Masterclass: Choosing a Feeder | JCs Widllife

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Over the years we have provided a lot of tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of your bird feeding experience. Here we have gathered all of that information in one 4-part series. This information is helpful for both the seasoned birder and the beginner, and takes you through the feeding process from start to finish.

There are several things to consider before purchasing a feeder, and one of the first is capacity. A larger feeder may work for your neighbor, but may not be suitable for your space. Smaller feeders are easier to fill and hang, but will need constant attention if you have a large number of birds.

It is also important to keep in mind that the larger the feeder capacity, the heavier the full feeder. For instance, 3 quarts of seed is roughly 3.3 pounds, and when you add in the weight of the feeder (generally 2-3 lbs for this size), you wind up with about 6 pounds. This is a good, moderate-size feeder that will fulfill the needs of the beginner with a large variety of birds in the area and the experienced birder. You may learn more about feeder capacity with this infographic .

Another consideration is the type of feeder you will need. A platform-style feeder will hold any type of food, but may not be suitable if you have large “bully” birds or pesky critters such as squirrels and raccoons that you do not want to feed. This article includes a detailed outline of different feeder styles.

You will find a large selection of bird feeders in all styles and sizes at JCs Wildlife.