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JCs Wildlife Wren, Chickadee, and Warbler Chateau Birdhouse

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  • 1 1/8" diameter entrance hole
  • Durable Recycled Poly Lumber construction that won't crack, split or fade.
  • Birds that would use this house: wrens, chickadees, and warblers 
  • Stainless steel cables and deck screws
  • Made in the USA

These beautiful poly lumber wren houses are perfectly designed to provide protection, comfort, and safety for its inhabitants. The poly lumber design ensures that this house will last for years, while also being environmentally friendly because of its recycled materials. In addition, the stainless steel screws and a sheathed metal cable hanger will keep this wren house hanging. Dimensions are 6.5"W x 9"H x 6.25"D

 The design reflects the needs of the wrens that will be living in it. The 1 1/8 in hole is the perfect size to allow wrens access, while also preventing predators from getting in. The use of grooves on the front provides an area for the beautiful songbirds to hold on, but not predators. And finally the 4 inch height to the entrance hole provides safety for the chicks, making sure they do not fall out of their home.

This birdhouse also allows for easy cleaning. Simply use your Phillips-head screw driver to remove the stainless steel screws at the bottom of the birdhouse. 
**Note** Please wait until all inhabitants have left the nest before cleaning your birdhouse. Nesting season for Wrens ranges from late April to mid-September.


Outside Dimensions 6.5" W X 9" H X 6.25" D
Inside Dimensions 5.5" W X 7" H X 4” D
Hole Diameter 1 ⅛”
Hole Height Above Floor 4”
Construction Recycled Poly Lumber
Birds That Would Use This Bird House Wrens, Chickadees, and Warblers
Origin Country made-in-the-usa.jpg
All JCs Wildlife Exclusive products are protected by a limited warranty. Products constructed with poly lumber elements are protected by a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. This warranty becomes active on the date of purchase. This warranty will protect products in instances where the poly lumber material splits, fades or cracks due to manufacturing defects. Damage caused by animals, inclement weather damage and damage from modifications will not be covered under warranty.

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