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Product Review: Squirrel Stopper System | JCs Wildlife

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Even though much of the country is still under ice or several inches of snow, we continue to receive calls and e-mails from customers about everyone's favorite pests: SQUIRRELS!! (Sorry, furry little buddies, but your day of appreciation is over) Squirrels seem to be impervious to the sub-zero temperatures and driving winds that we have been "enjoying" the past few weeks. They continue to sneak into yards and rob birds of a valuable food source. They break feeders, often leaving a mess of seed shells in their wake. And, worst of all, there does not seem to be any way to put a stop to these persistent poachers!

Enter the Squirrel Stopper System! The post boasts a squirrel baffle that squirrels find difficult to grip. And if that isn't enough to keep the critters off of it, the baffle also rocks side to side and bounces up and down under the squirrel's weight. The four arms reaching away from the Squirrel Stopper System pole can hold feeders, plants, or birdhouses. Each arm has two hooks held in place by wingnuts for you to hang up to eight feeders.

Installing the  Squirrel Stopper System is pretty easy as well. The bottom section screws into the ground, using a pole for leverage. Once in the ground, the other two sections twist and lock together easily.

Screw Auger into ground

Set auger onto ground and screw lower section into ground

Add Middle Section

Twist and lock middle section with attached shroud onto lower section

Add Horizontal Tubes

Slide 1" horizontal tubes through holes in top section

Add Top Section

Twist and lock top section onto middle section

No special tools are needed for installation, and the system stays in place from year-to-year. In fact, the only time we have heard of a Squirrel Stopper getting damaged was when a curious bear tried to get at a customer's feeder-- amazingly, most of the Squirrel Stopper System was able to be salvaged and only one part had to be replaced!

The cost of the Squirrel Stopper System is on the higher end of the scale when compared to other pole systems, but with a built-in baffle, eight hanging stations, and the all around quality of the product, this one-time investment is well worth it.

Add Feeders and Enjoy