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Learn How to Garden for Songbirds! | JCs Wildlife

Ahhhhh…. The lovely month of May! No matter how hard Old Man Winter tries to hold on, May just won’t seem to let him.

According to the National Wildlife Federation May is Garden for Wildlife month, and we are celebrating by offering tips and information to turn your garden into a haven for wildlife. Stay connected all month.

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Week 1: Songbirds!

Garden for Wildlife month could not come at a better time. This week, our focus is on songbirds (by the way, be ready to celebrate Bird Day in the US on May 4!) You may have noticed fewer birds at your feeders day by day. And while you may miss them, this is a good thing, because they are out exercising their natural foraging instincts.

Better Homes & Gardens offers a number of tips and ideas to start your Songbird Sanctuary. Always make sure to include the basics: fresh water, shelter, and food.

  • A water wiggler keeps water in a pan or birdbath flowing free from algae and attracting mosquitoes
  • Plant low shrubs and trees for emergency shelter in case birds need to hide from predators or bad weather
  • Native plants offer the best natural food source to keep birds in your yard, but you may supplement with  seed or suet

Try planting fruit-bearing trees such as apple, American plum, and cherry. Trees and shrubs that produce fruit and berries offer both shelter and a natural food source for your songbirds.

Oak and maple trees are also valued both for their shelter and as a food source.

Check out this list for other popular trees and plants to attract songbirds (check with your local nursery to find out what native varieties will be successful in your region):

Alder         Elderberry         Mulberry
Aspen         Elm         Oak
Birch         Hawthorn         Pine
Black Cherry         Holly         Sumac
Blueberry         Huckleberry         Tulip Poplar
Buckwheat         Juniper         Virginia Creeper
Cottonwood         Maple         Willow
Dogwood         Mistletoe