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Ground Bird Feeders - Get Great Results | JCs Wildlife

Ground. Bird. Feeders.

Did you know there are many species of birds who prefer to feed closer to the ground? That's right! Not every bird in existence likes to feed from feeders that are hanging several feet off the ground. 

Getting the Recipe Right

Research is key. For each product produced, our in-house design team spends many hours researching the design of the product and which birds will benefit from it. 

We're going to give you the inside scoop into why our covered ground platform feeder is quickly becoming one of our bestsellers. 

The roof: Roofs keep stuff under them dry. The pitched roof hangs past the side of the feeding area so rainfall will roll off the roof and not land in the seed tray. 

The seed tray: Customers sing the praise of our innovative seed tray. The handle is a game changer. Many of the tray feeders available have a wire mesh tray that is built into the bottom of the feeder. Ours is different. Our seed tray features a handle so it can be removed from the body of the feeder where it rests on an underlying, open concept base. The tray itself has tiny holes so that water will not be able to flood the feeder but instead flow freely through. 

The open design: Having the body of the feeder open allows the birds to fly through the feeder and rest on the seed tray for some socialization and a snack. 

Ground Fly Thru Feeder Large

What birds will use this feeder?

These feeders will attract a greater variety of birds. Often, ground foraging birds such as Mourning Doves, native Sparrows, Juncos, and Towhees are not at home on hanging perch feeders. And even tray- or platform-style and hopper feeders that allow them to stand instead of cling as they feed are often too high off the ground. These birds are ingrained with generations of foraging instinct that make feeders close to the ground more appealing to them.

As is the case with any feeder, though, keep in mind that the seed that you offer also has a large impact on the birds you will attract. Our feeders are appropriate for any suet, seed, or fun seed blend. Our favorites include fruits, nuts, and the all-popular black oil sunflower seeds. Fun fact, the Mr. Bird Large Seed Cakes will fit well in our Large Fly Thru Ground Feeders.

Backyard Critters love it too!

When you have a bird feeder close to the ground, naturally, other curious critters will wonder up to the feeder and grab a snack too. If you enjoy feeding rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and even foxes and deer, these platform feeders will be your new favorite critter buffet. 

Enjoy this customer submitted video showing all the backyard critters having dinner. 

We know birds and other critters like the feeders, but what about humans?

You're in luck, our customers absolutely love this feeder. These platform feeders are made on-site in Southern Indiana by our shop team. We used our low-maintenance, eco-friendly recycled poly lumber and designed a sturdy, weather resistant tray to hold the seed. Serious birders and the casual bird admirer alike will appreciate how this cuts down on wasted, moldy seed, and makes cleaning and refilling the feeder quick and easy!

JCs Wildlife Guarantee

Almost all of the JCs Wildlife branded products are made right here in the USA. We take pride in knowing that households across the United States appreciate our skilled craftsmanship and superior customer service. If an order arrives in damaged condition or has a manufacturer defect, please reach out to us and we will make it right. 

If you have any questions about anything on our website, don't hesitate to give us a call at (812) 867-2800 or email us at Our customer service team will be glad to help you in anyway possible, that's the JCs Wildlife Guarantee.