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Squirrel Stopper Deluxe Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole System with Baffle

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A 100% Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole

Stop squirrels cold with the bestselling Squirrel Stopper Deluxe Pole System. This resilient pole system is 100% squirrel proof with an ingenious patented, squirrel-stopping baffle built right in. The center baffle rocks from side to side and floats up and down when a critter tries to climb up it. Squirrels can't grab onto it or climb past it without taking a harmless tumble. Choose between 2 attractive colors to display in your yard. 

  • Screw in auger makes installation easy and secures the pole into the ground
  • Display 8 of your favorite bird feeders, houses, hanging plants and windchimes
  • Easy no tool assembly that can be installed in under 15 minutes
  • Each feeder arm has a 30 lb capacity for your favorite items
  • 2" diameter pole is our largest and strongest pole to date

The Deluxe stands at about 8 feet tall when fully installed into the ground. The feeders and accessories will hang at around 6 feet to 5 feet high off the ground. A step ladder may be needed for refilling the feeders. 

Easy Installation

1. Set auger onto ground and screw lower section into ground.         
2. Twist and lock middle section with attached shroud onto lower section.
3. Slide 1" horizontal tubes through holes in top section.         
4. Twist and lock top section onto middle section.

** Please install the pole system 10 feet away from garden structures, walls or trees to prevent squirrels from jumping onto feeders. **

Box Includes

Decorative cardinal top holder, 2 1" outside diameter cross tubes, 8 eyebolts and nuts for hanging feeders, 3 3' x 2" outside diameter tube sections with "twist and lock" attachments, Squirrel Stopper™ Baffle section, and Steel Auger. Product manufactured in China.

Need instructions? Click here!

Want to see a video on how to install your Deluxe? Click here!

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