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Mr. Bird Woodpecker Feast Small Wild Bird Seed Cake 7 oz. (6 or 12 Packs)

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Re-energize a wide variety of backyard birds, including woodpeckers and many others, with a dense and nutritious Woodpecker Feast seed cake. This cake weighs 7 oz. and is perfect for any suet feeder. Perfect for all fruit- and nut-loving birds with a luscious mix of black oil sunflower seed, peanuts, pecans and raisins. The convenient center hole allows this seed cake to be mounted on a Mr. Bird cylinder feeder. Talk about having too many good things in one place! Birds eat every bit of this 100% edible snack and leave you with nothing to clean up. Good choice. This Mr.Bird seed cake will perform best when kept dry.

Ingredients: Pecans, peanuts, raisins, black oil sunflower, and gelatin.