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JCs Wildlife Log Jammer Suet Plug Feeder - Holds 3 Suet Plugs

Price: $28.15
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Woodpeckers love to eat suet plugs from this feeder!

Offer suet to your bird in a garden-friendly style! This wooden piece adds a rustic look to your bird sanctuary, while also attracting suet-loving birds to the area. When searching for food, birds are naturally attracted to wood, and the body of this item will certainly garner their attention. Three pre-drilled tunnels on the feeder post may be filled with Pine Tree Farms Log Jammer suet plugs, offering a delicious treat to your favorite songbirds. No prep or assembly is needed for this week with an attached eye hook on top. Your suet plug feeder is also easy to fill and refill--simply insert the three suet plugs of your choice into the feeder and hang! Once you've added this feeder to your garden, your birds will be coming back for more in no time. 


Width: 3 in.

Height: 13.5 in. With Hanger

Deep: 3 in.

Capacity: 3 Log Jammer Suet Plugs

Mounting: Hanging

Birds that use this Feeder: Bluebirds, Chickadees, Flickers, Grackles, Jays, Kinglets, Mockingbirds, Nuthatches, Orioles, Starlings, Tanagers, Titmice, Towhees, Warblers, Woodpeckers, and Wrens

Feed or Seed Options: Log Jammer Suet Plugs

Origin Country: Made in the USA