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Identiflyer Lyric 80 Birds and Frogs Kit Includes Machine, 2 Card set & Case

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  • Kit Includes Identiflyer Machine, 2 Super Songcards for 30 Birds and 10 Frogs, and a Carrying Case.
  • Learn different bird sounds in minutes.
  • So clear you can call-in birds!
  • Comes with required 3 ''AAA" batteries.

For the Machine: The Identiflyer Lyric solves the problem of learning bird song with Learning Lyrics, words and phrases that help connect the music to the bird. For example, "Drink your tea" sounds just like the Eastern Towhees song. The songs are so rich and crystal clear that birds will even recognize their songs. It's fun to call in birds so you can take better pictures but be sure to use ABA guidelines for using bird song recordings. In Lyric Mode you hear the birds name, see its picture, hear a verbal description of the song (lyrics) and then hear its song. You can learn 10 unique bird songs in 10 minutes! The Lyric includes 40 birds on two 2-sided Super Song Cards: Card 1- Yardbirds Card 2- Eastern Yardbirds and Western Yardbirds Requires 3 "AAA" Batteries (INCLUDED) For the 2 Card Set: The Identiflyer Lyric 2 Super SongCard set comes with 2 cards. On one card the front has Frogs and the back has Woodpeckers. The other card has Raptors on both sides. Frogs- Eastern Spadefoot, Upland Chorus Frog, American Toad, Bullfrog, Green Treefrog, Wood Frog, Gray Treefrog, Northern Leopard Frog, Spring Peeper, and Green Frog. Woodpeckers- Red-Headed, Red-Cockaded, Red-Bellied, Three-toed, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, Northern Flicker, Downy, Ivory-Billed, Hairy, Pileated Raptors Owls- Barn, Long-Eared, Eastern Screech, Boreal, Great Horned, Northern Saw-whet, Barred, Spotted, Great Grey, Elf Raptors Hawks- Ferruginous, Red-Shouldered, Red-Tailed, Broad-Winged, Swainson's, Cooper's, Sharp-Shinned, Northern Goshawk, Harris', Northern Harrier Super SongCards are 2 sided and are only compatible with the Identiflyer Lyric. For the Carrying Case: The soft fabric carrying case holds the Identiflyer Lyric and 8 SongCards. It includes both a belt loop & shoulder strap.

Includes Identiflyer Machine, 2 Super Songbird Cards, and Carrying Case
Number of Audio Tracks 70 Songbirds and 10 Frogs
Power 3 AAA Batteries, Included
Audio Speaker with Volume Control, Headphone Port
Misc Song Mode Plays Birds Crystal Clear Song, Lyric Mode Connects the Birds Image and Song with a Memorable Phrase or Description
Origin Country Made in China