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Squirrel Stopper

Welcome to the Squirrel Stopper Storefront on JCs! 

Squirrel Stopper is a sister company of JCs Wildlife, owned and operated by the same people. is now the host of the Squirrel Stopper store. 


Squirrel Stopper offers an array of bird feeding accessories including squirrel proof bird feeder poles, mounting flanges, hanging hooks, and more. Click on the links see more information on each type of product offered.

Please give us a call at 812-867-2333 or email us at for any information regarding orders, refunds and purchasing. 

Squirrels are harmless. Until they eat all of the bird seed. Finding healthy ways to stop the squirrels without harming them, the birds, or your lawn, can be difficult at best. Not anymore. At Squirrel Stopper, we have produced fantastic, functional, and beautiful squirrel proof bird feeders that don’t harm the squirrels but still produce results. Our bird feeder poles keep the squirrels away and make the birds stay while adding an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your yard. With bird feeder baffles, shepherds poles, and much more, we are your home for stopping squirrels without hurting them.