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Squirrel Stopper Yellowstone: Old Faithful Birdfeeder Pole and Hook (YSOF08)

Price: $208.99

Out of stock

  • New and improved design is both classic and unique
  • Includes 6 hanging stations for your favorite bird feeder, hanging basket, or other garden accent
  • Same reliable squirrel-proof metal baffle as the Squirrel Stopper
  • Galvanized to prevent rust
  • Designed by bird lovers for bird lovers

What could be better than a strong, durable Shepherd's Hook to feature your favorite hanging bird feeder in your yard? How about one with 6 hanging stations that also prevents squirrels from climbing up the pole and will not rust? The Yellowstone: Old Faithful is designed and made by the same people who brought you the Squirrel Stopper Bird Feeder pole system! The patented baffle design keeps critters away, but lets your birds stay all day! A screw in auger is included to hold the pole firmly in the ground Different size hooks allow you to hang anything, large or small Assembly is fast and easy For best results, mount in an open area where squirrels cannot access the pole from nearby trees, fences, or walls. Product manufactured in China.

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Out of Stock:
This product is in the process of being redesigned to improve the pole. We expect this to be available for sale by 9/22.