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Welcome to the Squirrel Stopper Storefront on JCs! 

Squirrel Stopper is a sister company of JCs Wildlife, owned and operated by the same people. is now the host of the Squirrel Stopper store. 

Squirrel Stopper offers an array of bird feeding accessories including squirrel proof bird feeder poles, mounting flanges, hanging hooks, and more. Click on the links see more information on each type of product offered.

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    Squirrel Stopper

    12 in. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Branch Hook

    Price: $7.88

    This sturdy stainless steel hook is perfect for hanging large or heavy bird feeders, planters, or other containers or products up to 50 lbs. This hook will not rust or chip. The larger end is the perfect size and shape to hook securely to branches. The...