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Perky-Pet Panorama Wild Bird Feeder, Rustic Brown Finish, Holds 4.5Lbs, 325S

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  • CAPACITY: Perky-Pet Panorama Wild Bird Feeder, Rustic Brown Finish, Holds 4.5Lbs, 325S
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: Evenseed™ system allows separate chambers to empty equally
  • SQUIRREL PROOF: Patented Sure-Lock™ cap to prevent squirrel access
  • RUSTIC FINISH: Rustic brown finish
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SEEDS: For use with all types of seed

The Perky-Pet® Panorama Wild Bird Feeder features their innovative Evenseed™ technology. This technology is like having 2 feeders in 1! Two independent seed compartments are filled and emptied separately, allowing the ports to stay active longer.

Both compartments can also be filled with two different types of seed, thus attracting a larger variety of birds. With this feeder’s 4.5 lb seed capacity, the Panorama Wild Bird Feeder provides plenty of seed to go around!

The Sure-Lock™ cap system ensures the lid stays in place and no squirrels can get to the seed. Another great feature on this feeder that helps keep squirrels out while allowing birds to have access to the seed.

Width 9 in.
Height 17 in.
Deep 9 in.
Capacity 4.5 lb of seed
Construction Copper
Birds that use this Feeder Cardinals, Chickadees, Finches, Grosbeaks, Jays, Nuthatches, Titmice, and Woodpeckers
Origin Country China