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Perky-Pet 7103-2 Copper Finish Triple Tube Bird Feeder

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With 12 flip feeding ports that adjust to serve mixed or Nyjer seed, this copper color tube bird feeder is beautiful, versatile, and durable. The Perky-Pet Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder features 3 independent seed tubes, 12 flip feeding ports and a 10 lb seed capacity. This bird feeder can be pole mounted or hang mounted.

This model comes in a beautiful copper color and a built-in seed funnel. The clear plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. These innovations make for one very economical and convenient tube bird feeder on the market!

Remember to clean your tube bird feeder at least twice a week with a mild soap and water solution

Width 12 in.
Height 18 in.
Deep 12 in.
Capacity 10 lb
Construction Plastic and Copper
Feeding Stations 12 (2-in-1 ports to serve Nyjer or mixed seed)
Birds that use this Feeder Various birds
Origin Country China