Outdoor Accessories

Keep everything in its place or add a pop of color. JCs Wildlife's selection of outdoor accessories range from the practical to the decorative! Thermometers, s-hooks, cord protectors and more can be found in this selection!

Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird Rain Guard


Use this Mr. Bird Rain Guard to protect your cylinder feeders and seed treats from rain, snow, and all but the largest meteors. All bird seed needs to be kept dry to prevent mold and germination so use this Rain Guard for healthy happy birds. The Rain...

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AcuRite Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer 12.5"


Thermometer for Indoor and Outdoor Temperature ReadingDisplays Temperature in FahrenheitLarge Display for Easy Reading from a DistanceThis is a designer edition indoor and outdoor thermometer. This item is perfect for indoor or outdoor use where easy...

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Allied Precision Industries

LOCKNDRY Power Supply Cord 25 ft.


The revolutionary LOCKNDRY outdoor/indoor detachable power supply cord provides a weather-resistant seal while keeping the connection firmly secured. The specially designed plug on the LOCKNDRY cord fits any standard outlet, but when mated with a...

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