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Nectar DOTS Wildflower Set with 4 oz Nectar Concentrate and Cleaning Brush

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  • Includes: Set of 7 Wildflower Nectar DOTS, a Cleaning Brush and 4 oz bottle of First Nature Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate 
  • 4 oz bottle of nectar concentrate will produce 16 oz of hummingbird nectar 
  • Each Nectar DOT holds .25 oz of hummingbird nectar which is perfect for hand feeding hummingbirds
  • Wonderful gift for hummingbird enthusiasts
  • Nectar DOTS make hummingbird feeding fun for all ages! 

These tiny handheld hummingbird feeders are just adorable! This Nectar DOTS Wildflower Set with 4 oz Nectar Concentrate and Cleaning Brush kit includes a total of 7 Nectar DOTS in the Wildflower collection of colors that pop! The seven Nectar DOTS each hold .25 oz (.5 Tablespoon) of nectar which is the perfect amount for hand feeding hummingbirds! Simply fill the Nectar DOTS with the First Nature nectar concentrate and water mixture. Hold near an existing hummingbird feeder for best results! After the hummingbirds begin feeding from your Nectar DOTS, feel free to move around as the hummingbirds should follow! Included Cleaning Brush makes cleaning a breeze! Clean your Nectar DOTS with mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Nectar DOTS makes feeding hummingbirds fun for all ages! *Cleaning Brush color may vary* 

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