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Music of the Spheres Nashville Tenor Wind Chime

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Music of the Spheres' symphonic quality chimes, precision tuned, sing with a rich, lyrical blend of tones that resonate not simply in the Ear, but in the soul. Their elegant design features central tube suspension with with smoothly polished tube ends to prevent cord abrasion. The tempered aluminum alloy tubing is custom-manufactured to their exacting specifications & will never rust. The tubing is coated with a sleek black corrosion protective finish that provides durability in all kinds of outdoor environments (acid rain, salt air, etc.) heavy Gauge polished stainless steel rings provide sturdy support & enduring beauty. Their tough UV stabilized synthetic braid cordage is highly resistant to abrasion, ultra-violet degradation, rot & mildew. Solid UV stabilized polyethylene clappers provide superior tonal quality & outdoor durability. Their unique interchangeable/detachable wind catcher provides activity control.