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Mr. Bird Wild Bird Feast Large Cylinder with Mr. Bird EZFeeder 4 lbs.

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Wild Birds flock to Mr. Bird's Wild Bird Feast Large 4 lbs. Cylinder. Seed cylinders can last up to 5 times longer than loose seed so you have more time enjoying the birds rather than refilling baskets.This seed cylinder comes with a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel seed block holder. Seed Cylinders (small or large) simply slide over the top and can be hung for better viewing of the birds.


What makes this product special is the formula; PECANS, black-oil sunflower, sunflower hearts, and just a dash of white millet. You will see the quality and the dramatic results in your own yard.

Attracts birds much more quickly than suet and without the problem of melting in the summer heat. Great for year round bird feeding.