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Mr. Bird Large Pine Cone - Wild Bird Seed 2 lbs. 3 oz. (1 or 2 Pack)

Price: $21.60

Giant actual pine cones coated with bird seed! 

On their own, pine cones are simply beautiful but load it with premium bird seed both and provide a great snack for nearby birds. The giant pine cones can simply be placed over the top of a branch to hang down for easy feeding. This Mr. Bird seed pine cone will perform best when kept dry.

The red ribbon and green garland at the top only adds to the visual appeal. Pine cones are all unique and range from 12-14 inches.


Materials Shortage:
The Nutra-Saff ingredient used in many Mr. Bird brand seed is facing a nationwide shortage, making several products unavailable. We are working very closely with Mr. Bird and will have the seed for sale as soon as it is available.