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Mr. Bird Golden Safflower Feast Wild Bird Seed Bell 10 oz.

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Golden Safflower Feast for your birds, squirrels not invited!

Golden Safflower Bell - 10 oz.

The anti-squirrel seed you lovenow with a thinner shell to attract more birds. Squirrels dislike the bitter taste of safflower seed, and often run off after the first bite. Preferred by cardinals, grosbeaks and more, where grackles, sparrows and starlings generally dont like safflower. The golden safflower is a softer seed than traditional safflower, so attracts a greater variety of birds. This Mr. Bird seed bell will perform best when kept dry.

Materials Shortage:
The Nutra-Saff ingredient used in many Mr. Bird brand seed is facing a nationwide shortage, making several products unavailable. We are working very closely with Mr. Bird and will have the seed for sale as soon as it is available.