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Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Feast Wild Bird Seed Bell 8 oz. (2 , 4 and 6 Packs)

Price: $21.59


This 100% seed bells will feed the birds while keeping the squirrels away.  What makes this product special is the formula; sunflower hearts, peanuts, golden safflower, meal worms and it is extra spicy. 

Hang with the hanger or mount on the Mr. Birds Seed Bell Hanger (item 805).  No waste, no mess, never melt.

Its just what your customers want, more birds, a greater variety of birds and less squirrels, and just what you want, customers that return time and time again to keep their little birds happy. This Mr. Bird seed bell will perform best when kept dry.

This product contains a strong eye, nose and skin irritant.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling and keep out of reach of children.

Materials Shortage:
The Nutra-Saff ingredient used in many Mr. Bird brand seed is facing a nationwide shortage, making several products unavailable. We are working very closely with Mr. Bird and will have the seed for sale as soon as it is available.