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JCs Wildlife Geometric Hanging Bird Feeder Holds 3 Cups

Price: $39.82
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BIRDS LOVE THIS FEEDER: Cardinals, Bluebirds, Downy Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Finches, Nuthatches, Redpolls, Song Sparrows, Titmice and Siskins.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Made using recycled poly lumber

ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Bright, vibrant color attracts many birds, allowing for up to 3 cups of seed to be placed inside.

SEED OR FEED OPTIONS: Black oil sunflower seed mix with sunflower and white proso millet

HANDMADE QUALITY: This product is hand-made at our JCs Wildlife location

This hanging bird feeder allows you to enjoy watching the birds you love up close!

The JCs Wildlife Geometric Hanging Bird Feeder is a sleek addition to the JCs Wildlife feeder collection. With a design featuring a hexagonal shape, this hanging feeder will bring modern style to your yard while continuing to easily feed the birds you love. This new design also features wider side openings which allow for easier viewing without compromising the functionality of the feeder.

The bright, vibrant color of these hanging bird feeders is attractive to many birds while the eco-friendly recycled plastic is crack and fade resistant. The sturdy cable allows the full feeder to hang anywhere. The feeder's open, fly-through design makes it easy to clean for you and easy to access for the birds. Clinging birds can perch on the edges or the side holes while other birds can enjoy the food from inside the feeder. As always, we recommend checking your feeder for pests and mold each week and cleaning your feeder thoroughly every two weeks to avoid build-up and spreading diseases.



Width: 9 in. 

Height: 18 in. including hanging cable (7.5 in. without cable) 

Deep: 5 1/4 in. 

Capacity: 3 cups

Opening Size: 4 in (clear sides) and 4 in (side portals)

Construction: Acrylic with Recycled Poly Lumber Sides 

Mounting: Hanging, wire cable provided

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

All JCs Wildlife Exclusive products are protected by a limited warranty. Products constructed with poly lumber are protected by a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. This warranty becomes active on the date of purchase. This warranty will protect products in instances where the poly lumber material splits, fades or cracks due to manufacturing defects. The acrylic features of all bird feeders and houses are covered by a limited 30 day warranty for manufacturer defects starting on the date of purchase. Acrylic damage from feeders falling off windows, not following included instructions or improper use of the product will not be covered under warranty. Damage caused by animals, inclement weather damage and damage from modifications will not be covered under warranty.