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JCs Wildlife 9.5" Metal Rain Guard and Cylinder Feeder Kit

Price: $29.95
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This JCs Wildlife 9.5" Metal Rain Guard and Bird Seed Cylinder Feeder combo is the best set for offering seed cylinders in your garden, and ensuring they stay in one piece! 

Protect your precious bird seed with the JCs Wildlife 9.5" Metal Rain Guard. Featuring a sturdy hook on the under side of the metal cover, hang your choice of bird seed cylinders closely underneath for maximum protection. This rain guard is treated with a protective powder coat paint which will stay vibrant in your garden for seasons to come--functionality with flair! Keep your bird seed dry, and your birds will be happy and healthy! 

The JCs Wildlife Cylinder Feeder is perfect for bird seed or suet cylinders of all sorts. The heavy metal construction will hold up well in all weather conditions. Simply slide your cylinder onto the feeder, hang and let the birds come to feast. The top of the feeder is open slightly to hang this feeder on an hook to display in your yard or garden. There is an additional hook on the bottom of this feeder so you can even hang another feeder, a windchime or some other accessories underneath! Some of the smaller seed cakes will even stack on this feeder! 

Both products are designed by JCs Wildlife in the USA and manufactured in China.