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In the Breeze Blazer Arch 27" Diamond Kite

Price: $13.65
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The Blazer Arch 27" Diamond Kite is a classic! These kites are easily recognizable with their diamond shape and long fabric tails. This is a kite that everyone must fly at least once in their life! These single line kites are great for the novice to intermediate kite enthusiast making them fun for the whole family. This red, black and white kite will be super noticeable in the sky! Just let your colors fly! Product made in China.

Kite Characteristics: 

- Weather resistant ripstop fabric and fiberglass rods!
- The design features arcs of colors!
- 3 attached 19' color coordinated tails!
- Super easy to assemble!
- Recommended wind range: 6 to 20 MPH