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In The Breeze 62" Sport Air Foil Frameless Sport Kite

Price: $31.35
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The 62" Sport Air Foil Frameless Sport Kite has an aerodynamic structure inflated by the wind. The air pressure keeps the sail open and holds the kite's unique shape while it flies. This kite is a double line kite meaning that it is perfect for the novice to intermediate kite enthusiast. This sport kite will turn heads! Product made in China.

Kite Characteristics: 

  • 2 line sport kite
  • Weather resistant ripstop fabric 
  • Vibrant sewn solid color panels in the rainbow spectrum 
  • No assembly required
  • Recommended wind range: 6 to 25 MPH
  • Size: 62" W x 27" H x 4" D