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Hummingbirds drink a lot of nectar... a lot of nectar-- like three times their body weight in one day! Make sure that the food going into their bodies is the best by offering nectar from our wide selection. Whether you and your hummingbirds like liquid nectar concentrate or instant hummingbird nectar, JCs Wildlife has just about anything a hummingbird could want! And check out our Hummingbird Feeders for the best feeding experience! 

Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures that can be found in many parts of the world. They are known for their brightly colored feathers and for the seemingly impossible way that they can fly. These birds are also interesting because they feed on nectar from flowers.

Hummingbird nectar can be purchased at JCs Wildlife. It is a sweet liquid that is made from sugar and water. Some people also add fruit to the nectar in order to make it more appealing to birds. 

The main purpose of providing hummingbird nectar for these birds is to provide them with a source of food that they can easily digest. Nectar is a natural food for hummingbirds, and it is something that they are used to eating.

At JCs Wildlife, you will find a variety of different brands of hummingbird nectar. Some, like First Nature 3050 Red Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate 16oz, can be converted to one gallon of feed which is likely to sustain your backyard hummingbirds for a long time.

When you provide hummingbird nectar for your new friends, you can help to ensure they remain healthy, happy regulars in your backyard. These beautiful creatures will appreciate the added source of food, and you get to enjoy their presence. For more information, feel free to contact our team today.

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