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Love watching hummingbirds? Buy a hummingbird feeder from JCs Wildlife, and enjoy a closer look at these colorful, winged wonders. The right feeder and accessories will let the flying jewels of the avian world enjoy their feeding time so that you can appreciate them longer. 

JCs Wildlife has a large selection of glass and plastic nectar feeders. Our feeders are available in small sizes that are perfect for small patios to extra large ones that provide plenty of room for more birds to stop by and drink your nectar or sugar water mixture. We have choices of small, medium, large, and extra large hummingbird feeders.  We even have a category for glass and window feeders. 

We also offer feeders in simple, easy-to-clean styles and intricately designed ones that make beautiful additions to gardens. Our feeders range in styles from simple to fancy, and even window-mount feeders and some with built-in ant moats and bee guards.  Also, don't forget to stock up on your nectar and hummingbird accessories.


1 oz - 8 oz Small
9 oz - 26 oz Medium
27 oz - 47 oz Large 48 oz - 90 oz Extra Large
 Glass   Window