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Droll Yankees Observer Window Feeder - 2 Cup Seed Capacity

Price: $21.20
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From the Manufacturer The Droll Yankees Observer window bird feeder is made of clear plastic, so you can actually watch the birds as they stroll up to your avian-size dining table. The feeder holds up to 2 cups of seed, and features sleek lines and a tapered overhanging roof that deflects the weather. Unlike tree-hanging feeders, this unit attaches securely to the outside of a kitchen or living room window with three suction cups. It measures 7 by 3 by 7 inches (W x D x H), includes a 2-inch feeding dish, and carries a lifetime warranty. Product Description This new Observer Window Feeder brings the birds to your window without any obscuring plastic in between. With an ample capacity, sleek lines and a tapered overhanging roof to deflect the weather, it's the best value in window feeders on the market. Attach it securely to your window using the three suction cups. 7" x 3" x 2" dish x 7" tall, 2 cup capacity.



Width 7 in.
Height 7 in.
Deep 3 in.
Capacity 2 cups
Mounting Suction cups, provided
Birds That Would Use This Feeder Goldfinches, Finches, Chickadees, Redpolls, Siskins, and more
Seed or Feed Options Black oil sunflower seed or premium seed mixture