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Care Free Enzymes Birdhouse, Nesting Pocket & Gourd Cleaner 98553D 33.9 oz.

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33.9 oz Birdhouse, Nesting Pocket & Gourd Cleaner is designed to sink deep into cracks and crevices where parasites live and breed. Remove your Birdhouse, Nesting Pocket or Gourd from mounting bracket then remove all nesting material. Fill each of the two pails with a gallon of fresh water then add six (6) ounces of Bird House Protector to each pail. Place gourd in one of the pails of Bird House Protector let soak for several minutes prior to scrubbing. Once thoroughly cleaned remove from pail one (1) and rinse in second (2) pail of Bird House Protector. Winter door stops should be put in place before replacing gourd to mounting bracket. Wash each gourd in the same manner.