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Top 5 Caged Bird Feeders

Feeding birds can be a fun and interactive experience to learn about their feeding patterns, preferences, and general way of life. It is an activity that can even be beneficial to the environment and local ecosystems.

Bird feeding can be an enjoyable pastime or a detailed recreation. There are various types of feeding options to attract different types of birds and wildlife, depending on what you prefer.

Whatever the goal, there are many types of bird feeders to help meet any bird feeding needs.

Using a bird feeder can protect bird food and small birds from predators. This increases the chances of attracting different types of birds to your garden, yard, or landscape.

Caged bird feeders are a popular and effective way to approach both of these issues.

Woodpecker with black and white plumage perched on a green cage-style bird feeder, pecking at suet blocks, with a tree trunk and blurred forest background.

Caged bird feeders typically have a regular tube shape. They are enclosed in a metal or mesh-like material. This metal cage sometimes only protects food.

There are also some options that have space between the food and the outside of the cage. This space only allows small, non-predatory birds inside.

Once inside the cage the birds have access to food while and are protected while grabbing a bite to eat. This enclosure, or cage, is beneficial in protecting small birds like titmice, nuthatches, and chickadees from bully birds. It can help deter squirrels from stealing food.

There are various types of caged bird feeders that cater to different needs and preferences. However, many of them share the same key features to consider when choosing a caged bird feeder. Some of these features include durability, function, ease of use, material type, capacity, and price.

Here are some caged feeder options that JCs Wildlife has to offer!

Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 1015

The Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 1015 is a classic tube feeder with an outer wire cage that has two purposes. It can help prevent squirrels from stealing food from the birds and is chew proof.

The feeder is designed with a patented shroud. When a squirrel attempts to climb on, the weight of the squirrel causes the shroud to automatically shut. This prevents the squirrel from accessing the seeds. 

The other purpose of the outer wire is to help attract and allow a variety of clinging birds to visit and enjoy a meal.

This popular hanging feeder holds 1.4 quarts of preferred seed, like black oil sunflower. This Brome feeder has a higher-than-average price. However, its quality ensures years of use. It also has a large following of birders who vouch for it.

Woodlink Magnum Nyjer Bird Feeder

Nyjer seed, also sometimes called thistle seed, is a popular bird seed containing high-oil content seed. It helps provide high fat and protein for birds and can be served all year round.

It is commonly used among backyard birders to attract and feed finches, goldfinches, chickadees, and other small billed birds.

Since nyjer seed is so small it requires a special kind of bird feeder, like the Woodlink Magnum Nyjer Bird Feeder. Nyjer bird feeders are a type of cage feeder that has a powder coated steel mesh constructed like a tube feeder. The mesh helps hold in the seeds. It also allows the birds to cling to the mesh while they peck away for food. 

The Woodlink Magnum feeder has a four quart capacity. It is ideal if a birder already has a lot of birds established in their preferred feeding location. 

This feeder is weather and squirrel resistant when placed away from any buildings or trees where a squirrel might be able to jump off. Set up for this feeder is a breeze. It comes with a plastic coated hanging cord. Simply hang on your favorite feeder and watch the birds enjoy a treat!

Squirrel Stopper Round Squirrel-Proof Suet Feeder

The Squirrel Stopper Round Squirrel-Proof Suet Feeder is for the suet lovers! 

This feeder is easy to hang and easier to refill. It has an access door that simply swings open and close, a feature that adds simplicity to any bird feeding routine. 

An overhanging roof sits on top to help prevent suet from getting wet and ruined from rainy and snowy weather. The wire cage is covered in powder coated finish that also helps protect the feeder from the elements. This helps ensure no rusting over and many seasons of use. 

The outer wire cylinder is constructed with 1.25” openings that allows for small birds like wrens, chickadees, bluebirds, and nuthatches to find their way in and enjoy a meal without having to worry about predatory birds like starlings and grackles from bothering them or stealing food. 

This feeder doubles the fun with a two suet or seed cake capacity!

JCs Wildlife Recycled Poly Lumber Deluxe Double Caged Platform Bluebird Feeder

The JCs Wildlife Recycled Poly Lumber Deluxe Double Caged Platform Bluebird Feeder is an innovative twist to traditional caged bird feeders. 

Two 4 oz cups sit in the middle of the inside. These cups can be filled with dried or live mealworms, crumbled suet, and other preferred seeds. 

The food is protected by a cage-like construction made of recycled poly lumber. This material is created using recycled milk jugs and is resistant to weather wear and tear. It will not crack, split, or fade. 

The feeder's outer design has openings just for small birds. They can enter and get to the food. It will keep larger bully birds like starlings and northern mockingbirds out. 

After hanging this feeder in a preferred location, cleaning and refilling is easy! 

There is a front door or “gate” that swings open. Simply reach in and take out the removable feeding cups for cleaning and refilling. You won't ever have to take the whole feeder down. The feeder closes shut and is secured with a latch. 

If bluebirds are the bird of choice to attract, this mealworm feeder is most ideal for you! Other birds that will be attracted to and use this feeder include wrens and sparrows.

JCs Wildlife Single Suet Cage with Poly Lumber Roof

New to the world for bird feeding? The JCs Wildlife Single Suet Cage with Poly Lumber Roof is a good place to start!

Suet often comes in a square block, or “cake." It is made of rendered animal fat mixed with various seeds, fruit, or nuts, and even peanut butter. 

Suet is a great source of protein. It can be hard for birds to naturally find in the wild, especially during the cold winter months. Suet is also simple to use and is the least messy option of bird food. 

Suet cakes are held in by metal cage-like containers that open and close with a swinging door. When it’s time to refill, simply open the swinging metal door and place the new suet cake inside the cage. Close the door shut to secure and the task is complete! The birds are able to eat the suet exposed between the cage wire and cling onto it in order to eat. The JCs Wildlife Single Suet Cage comes with a poly lumber roof, a durable material made out of recycled milk jugs, to help keep suet dry from rain and snow. Simply hang on a pole system and set up is done! 

Check out JCs Wildlife for additional bird feeder options and bird food! JCs Wildlife offers a wide variety of premium bird seed and suet cakes for all your birding needs!