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Would You Like To Be a Citizen Scientist? | JCs Wildlife

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JCs Wildlife does a lot of research. A lot. When your company consists of making and selling products that birds and wildlife depend on, as well as answering questions and sharing information, research should be a high priority.

One of my favorite resources is the Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University. Their All About Birds pages are invaluable when I am writing or fielding questions from customers.

Cornell also has a “Citizen Scientist” program called NestWatch. NestWatch allows birders at any experience level help monitor birds, their nests, and their surroundings. They offer plans to build nests and bird houses, and can even connect you to other Citizen Scientists in your area. Now they have a new opportunity available for volunteers: Nest Quest Go. NestWatch has collected a lot of information over the years, and need help transcribing old data so that it is readily available. This program is perfect for anyone with a computer and who wants to get involved, but find themselves limited when it comes to scouting and recording nest activity.

Check out NestWatch today and see which programs fit your needs as a “Citizen Scientist”!