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JCS Wildlife Blogs

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A Hot Mess! Squirrel Resistant Bird Seed! | JCs Wildlife

Are you tired of furry critters gnawing on your bird seed? Are you tired of filling feeders on a dai… read more

Now is the Ideal Time to Set Up Your Wild Bird Feeders

While many people enjoy feeding their backyard birds year round, it isn't necessary. Taking a bre… read more

Keep Your Pets Busy for Hours With Our Toys and Games

We love the outdoors and we know our customers do too. That is why we specialize in bringing nature… read more

It's Peanut Butter (Not Jelly) Time! | JCs Wildlife

It’s National Peanut Butter Day! January 24th is the day to eat a spoonful (or whole jar) of the… read more

Get Ready for Squirrel Appreciation Day 2K19!

Today is the day to appreciate all 200+ species of squirrels! Squirrel Appreciation Day is observ… read more

Ground Bird Feeders - Get Great Results | JCs Wildlife

Ground. Bird. Feeders. Did you know there are many species of birds who prefer to feed closer to t… read more