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JCS Wildlife Blogs

Things we think you might be interested in knowing.

Now You See Them, Now You Don't - Fall Migration

How can it possibly be late September already? The days are getting increasingly shorter and there i… read more

Invasion of the Bird (and Some Plant) Snatchers

You may have heard the term “invasive species” when discussing birding or gardening. You may have ev… read more

Birding: Up Close and Personal! Window Feeders |JCs Wildlife

The dog days of summer are upon us! You love watching your backyard birds, but the heat, my goodness… read more

​Endangered Bird Species & Pollutants Causing Harm

Despite the many conservation programs and organizations led by the  heroes of bird conse… read more

Do What You Love: How to Start a Birdwatching Club

As a passionate birdwatcher, you’ve probably wondered how you can take your love of birding to t… read more

Bird Real Estate for the Birds: Important Nest Box Features

As colder weather sets in and many birdhouses and nest boxes become vacant, the next few month… read more