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JCS Wildlife Blogs

Things we think you might be interested in knowing.

Would You Like To Be a Citizen Scientist?

JCs Wildlife does a lot of research. A lot. When your company consists of making and selling product… read more

View Birds in a Different Light--Birdcams and Binoculars

How do you want to live your life? If you love the great outdoors but you are graced with the joys o… read more

Up Close Window Bird Feeders | JCs Wildlife

Spring is here and the birds are chirping! All of the robins have laid their eggs and their chick… read more

Beautiful Birdhouses and Whimsical Wind Chimes

JCs Wildlife is your go to website to get any bird feeder you can possibly imagine! On our website w… read more

Bird Real Estate: Important Nest Box Features | JCs Wildlife

As colder weather sets in and many birdhouses and nest boxes become vacant, the next few month… read more

Welcome Birds to your Wild Bird Feeders | JCs Wildlife

Want to make your yard bird friendly? All of the birds are chirping and making their nests. Are ther… read more