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JCS Wildlife Blogs

Things we think you might be interested in knowing.

Would You Like To Be a Citizen Scientist? | JCs Wildlife

JCs Wildlife does a lot of research. A lot. When your company consists of making and selling product… read more

Hummingbird Migration - Where do they go? | JCs Wildlife

Several years ago we posted information about Hummingbird Fall Migration, but did you know that sinc… read more

Summer Bird Feeding Tips and Tricks | JCs Wildlife

As the temperature climbs higher, our yards tend to fill with the sounds of birds. Yet summer fee… read more

How to Attract Sparrows to Your Backyard | JCs Wildlife

As spring slooooooowly approaches, I find that I am getting more and more questions regarding birdh… read more

It's Peanut Butter (Not Jelly) Time! | JCs Wildlife

It’s National Peanut Butter Day! January 24th is the day to eat a spoonful (or whole jar) of the… read more

Get Ready for Squirrel Appreciation Day 2K19!

Today is the day to appreciate all 200+ species of squirrels! Squirrel Appreciation Day is observ… read more