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​Top 5 Bird Feeding Fails Learn what Not To Do |JCs Wildlife

Feeding the birds is a fun way to get to know the native birds in your area. The JCs Wild… read more

Information on CHARMing Goldfinches | JCs Wildlife

American Goldfinches are some of the most recognizable, friendly birds in the avian world. With t… read more

​Which Birdseed is Best? | JCs Wildlife Blog

Spotting a new or rare bird perched at the backyard bird feeder is one of life’s simple joys. Not… read more

​Tips for Bird Photography | JCs Wildlife

Those who enjoy birding, quite often take an interest in bird photography as well. It’s practically… read more

Get to Know Barn Owls and Barn Owl Boxes

If you're looking for more information on Barn Owls, this is the right place to come! The Barn Ow… read more

How to Clean Bird Feeders and Bird Baths During Summer

While your birds may be enjoying the sunshine, some more pesky organisms may be basking in your b… read more